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Thanks to an international network of sales branches and closely interconnecting production plants, we can guarantee the same high standards of Bonfiglioli quality anywhere at any given time. Aware that our direct presence in local markets is the key to long-lasting success, our family includes 22 sales branches, 14 production plants and more than 500 distributors around the world.

Our organization is always close by, offering complete and efficient solutions and supporting our customers with dedicated services, such as co-engineering or after-sales assistance.

We Are
a Global Company

Bonfiglioli is a market force with a presence spanning 22 countries on 5 continents. Our organization makes the most of geographic proximity to offer complete solutions combining efficiency and competence.
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Bonfiglioli subsidiaries manage the complete local value chain in many different geographic areas, always allowing us to work as closely as possible with customers from, their engineering phase through the entire product life cycle, during and after the sale. 

Our highly qualified personnel strive to find the perfect custom solution to customer needs and maximize return on investment.
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Our widespread presence has been one of the factors making the Bonfiglioli Group a key international player on today’s market.

Application engineering




Technical assistance

Our worldwide reach always puts us where our customers need us. We believe that deep understanding of application requirements — both technical and environmental — make the difference in providing the right products in a timely manner.

Over the years, our plants have developed special expertise in specific product lines. The company’s plants are interconnected to serve the market efficiently.
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Since the beginning, industrial distribution has been a key pillar of Bonfiglioli’s business model and a vital corporate asset for its development strategy.

Thanks to a dedicated distribution policy, Bonfiglioli provides technical, commercial and strategic support to its partners, helping them to maintain their growth in the market and setting the conditions for a long-lasting relationship.

Bonfiglioli’s distribution network includes:
  • More than 550 distributors in over 80 countries
  • More than 80 authorized assembly centers worldwide                                (BEST and BEST Easy partners)
Bonfiglioli BEST

B.E.S.T. (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team) is the most modern partnership program in industrial distribution. Logo BEST

BEST and BEST Easy partners are highly qualified business partners whom Bonfiglioli licenses to autonomously assemble and sell Bonfiglioli products, along with an excellent package of services (startup support, logistic and operational support, dedicated training, commercial insight).

Service excellence, application and market knowledge, a solution-driven approach and cooperation are the key drivers of our proven success

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